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Reckless - The Outrageous Lives of Nine Kick-Ass Women

"When I was eleven, I heard the lyrics of Born to Be Wild for the first time. In that moment, I had an epiphany... I wanted my life to be like the lyrics of that song. When I turned twenty, all it took was one sentence for me to fall in love with Karen Blixen. I instantly became her follower because of a single passage in which she described the essence of youth as the conviction of being invincible. Her idea that feeling invincible was the true fountain of youth transfixed my soul and imagination. It was the spear of a sober and secular revelation, striking my mind with the electric power of lightning.

Dreaming is a call to adventure inviting us to escape the barriers that daily life can impose on us. Dreaming is perhaps the only right that can't be taken away from prisoners. Dreaming is the ability not only to point your finger to the moon but to hitchhike all the way up there. Could the full moon ever be canned? No way. Dreaming puts the spark in your eye when you're ready to lift your spirit away from the misery of a non-dreamer's life.

I've always been interested in dreamers, those who are able to deconstruct all the caging rules and switch their mental functions at the drop of a hat. Paying no respect to traditional roles is emphasized all the more by women who choose to bend the rules. They playfully switch the paths of queens and kings on the checkerboard. Women dreamers could not care less about showing that they're emancipated or "equal," because their world is not a satellite spinning around a male source of light. They thrive on being winners. They face the enemy straight on, even when the enemy is fear. They fail. They fall. They get up and go on again. They succeed. They live every day as if it is their last.