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Gloria Mattioni is an award-winning feature writer and the award-winning author of California Sister. She previously published Reckless - The Outrageous Lives of Nine Kick-Ass Women and Dakota Warrior. Additionally, she published in Italy a novel, Con Altri Occhi, and three non-fiction books, Guerriero Dakota, Wild Women, and La Tribù dei Mangiatori di Sogni. As soon as her new novel, California Sister, was completed, she started writing her second novel, a mystery along the lines of the books written by Claire Waters, the main character and narrator of California Sister. Growing up, Mattioni dreamed of being a pirate, an astronaut and an explorer but she was a storyteller since she learned to speak in complete sentences. She's been, among other things, an investigative reporter, human rights activist, animal rescuer, editor and magazine writer.

She was born in Milan, Italy, but moved to Los Angeles in 1992. She still lives in California with her husband, rescue dog and part-time live in granddaughter, conjures six impossible things every morning before breakfast, and travels much. She loves hiking in the mountains, swimming and surfing in the ocean, but also getting lost on city streets or jump in her car for impromptu road trips.