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Cover Design & Illustration by Maria Loor

The title of my still unpublished novel now out to agents, California Sister, is the namesake of a common butterfly called Adelpha californica in Latin. It also refers to the main character, an Italian mystery writer living in Los Angeles. She rushes to Italy after her sister's devastating stroke, determined to restore her to health—or help her die with dignity. It takes a lonely year for strong-willed Claire to give up control, learn to listen to her silent sister, and surrender to her will.


California Sister is contemporary fiction based on the author's personal experience.The cover has been commissioned by the author to an artist/illustrator to fulfill the need to see a visual of the manuscript as a book. It might not be the final cover once the book will be pubslihed, but the author appreciates the ability of the illustrator to capture the spirit of the story and create a beautiful cover design.