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A monthly love letter to my readers from my laptop, kitchen or hiking trails where I get inspiration to 'cook up' my ideas in words. Another way to keep our connection alive and the dialogue ongoing.


I am excited to start this newsletter right before the release of my lastest title, California Sister. It's a great way to connect with my readers and I'd be very grateful if you'll sign up to receive it. I promise that I won't spam your mailbox with too many communications. Most likely, you will receive a monthly update on my book news, reading advices and reviews of other authors' books that I enjoyed, hiking and culinary adventures, giveaways, promotions, special opportunities and freebies available only for subscribers. 


I'll keep it short and juicy. In each newsletter, I will include a recipe and photos from my Italian grandma's handwritten cookbook. She has been an inspiration to my urge to get creative in the kitchen. She is also an important second character in CALIFORNIA SISTER. In my first newsletter, I will share a passage describing her many peculiar powers, not only as a cook!


Sign up with the form on the column on the right of this post to assure delivery.


Gratefully yours,